There are approximately 100 indigenous communities in the cantons of Otavalo and Cotacachi, with the majority of their inhabitants belonging to the Kichua-Otavalo people. Runa Tupari Native Travel works with some of them, particularly with the four communities of Morochos, La Calera, Tunibamba and Santa Barbara, where 25 host families offer family accommodations for visitors .

In our tours we also visit many other communities and their attractions, for example, Peguche, for its waterfall and its craft workshops, or Turuco, for its ethnobotanical garden. In this way, the communities and their families benefit from income, additional sales of their products, as well as an appreciation of their natural and cultural heritage.

Additionally, we work with some programs through our volunteer programs . Participating volunteers spend several weeks in a rural community and live with an indigenous family. While helping with issues such as education, the environment, fair trade, among others, they take a deeper view of daily life in the area’s indigenous communities and the cultural traditions of their population.