Runa Tupari Native Travel is a tour operator specialized in rural community tourism. It was established in 2001 by the Union of Rural and Indigenous Organizations of Cotacachi (Unión de Organizaciones Campesinas e Indígenas de Cotacachi, UNORCAC) together with four indigenous communities in the District of Cotacachi – Ecuador.

Runa Tupari in the local Kichwa language means “encounter with local people” and expresses our aim to facilitate cultural exchange between visitors and the inhabitants of the region. Visitors will experience a close contact with nature and, above all other things, a truly intercultural living space.

All of Runa Tupari´s profits are reinvested to improve living conditions in the rural communities, directly through the community councils or through UNORCAC and their projects (for more information about UNORCAC and their work, please visit

Runa Tupari´s efforts have been recognized by many awards, amongst them the Merit Award by the Ecuadorian Ministry for Tourism (2008) and the Quality Certificate PACHAMAMA (2012).